Date Time Service
Saturday 20 Aug 4.30pm



Mass at Cranfield University Chapel

Confessions at St Mary’s

First Mass of Sunday at St Mary’s

Sunday 21 Aug 8.00am


Mass: Quiet Mass without music

Mass with music. Tea and coffee in the hall afterwards.

Monday 22 Aug 10.00am Mass
Tuesday 23 Aug 10.00am Mass
Wednesday 24  Aug No Service  
Thursday 25 Aug 10.00am Mass
Friday 26 Aug 10.00am Mass

Sunday 27 August 12.15pm Father Ken’s leaving Event, everyone welcome. To help prepare for the day please contact Miriam on

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Please Note: when a priest is unavailable there will be Liturgy of God’s Word and Holy Communion. For holy days please see St. Mary’s notice board for any times or services or phone (01908) 583195.

Occasionally, the Church will be closed for security reasons. We are lucky that we can have it open most of the time. Fr Ken