Date Time Service
Saturday 9 Dec 6.00 pm

6.30 pm


First Mass of Sunday

Sunday 10 Dec 10.30 am Mass with music. Tea & coffee in the hall.
Tues 12 Dec 10 am  Mass 
Thurs 14 Dec 10 am  Mass

Christmas Services Holly.jpg

Saturday 23rd December Fourth Sunday of Advent 6.30 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday 24th December Midnight Mass with Carols 11.30 pm
Monday 25th December Christmas Day Service 11 am

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Please Note: when a priest is unavailable there will be Liturgy of God’s Word and Holy Communion. For holy days please see St. Mary’s notice board for any times or services or phone (01908) 583195.

When not in use the Church will be closed for security reasons.