Church Volunteers

There is a whole host of activities where your help will be greatly appreciated. If you have an interest or talent in any of the areas below or if you just feel that you would like to contribute more, then please get in contact.

Flower arranging – contact  Mary Wilding: Tel: 07764-347468

alter-boysTraining altar servers – Liam Colgan at  

The St Vincent de Paul Society Brian Plunkett at or 01525-288881

Mass rota – contact Peter Sayer at

Church cleaning – contact: 01908-583195cleaning



Cemetery gardening  – contact

Chris Sinnott: 01908-281564 gardening



Holy Communion at home –  contact Theresa Stotter: Tel: 07871-915908 or email if you are aware of any infirm or elderly parishioners who would like to receive Holy Communion at home.

Traidcraft Group – Margaret Carrel: 01908-607896

CAFODVolunteers always needed. Tel: 01844-274723 or email at

Junior Liturgy – do you have young ones who fidget and wriggle throughout the long service? Why not bring them to the Junior liturgy where they can learn about Jesus’ message in a fun way. Contact Jayne Fagan: Tel: 01525-715477 for details.

Music – If you are interested in playing  or singing at Mass please call

Judith: Tel: 01908-585403.Screenshot 2020-08-15 at 4.28.18 pm


Website – contact Janina Pownall