Christian News

Christian News is an ecumenical church magazine incorporating the news and views of the Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches as well as the communities in the town of Woburn Sands and the surrounding villages of Woburn, Aspley Guise, Eversholt, Ridgmont, Husborne Crawley, Milton Bryan, Battlesden and Potsgrove. It was founded in 1971 and has continued to grow in its readership almost ever since. It is produced and sent out entirely by the volunteer efforts of editors, printers and a wonderful army of distributors.

  • Communicating the Gospel to non-Christians.
  • Helping active Christians to grow in faith.
  • Providing a  diary of events for church members.
  • Listing forthcoming events and activities for the wider community.
  • Enabling local churches together to present an ecumenical ‘shop window’.
  • Providing a community-wide magazine catering for church and secular organisations alike.

Christian News is produced ten times a year: monthly, but with double issues for December/January and July/August.  It costs 50 pence and it can be obtained from all the churches and from local newsagents and shops although most readers pay an annual subscription of £5.

To subscribe and have your personal copy delivered to St Mary’s, contact Fr.Ken with your name and annual payment.